Northern Track Promotions was started by Neil Burston & Geoff Brown in 2009 to promote Motorcycle Long Track and Motorcycle and car Speedway racing in the Northern areas of South Australia.
In December 2013 we were joined by longtime supporter of Northern Track Promotions Tim Conner's of Specialised Tyres in taking over the lease at Westline Speedway Whyalla
Neil Pulled out of Westline in October 2014 and has branched out on his own with his partner Kathy

We run longtrack and Speedway events speedway in the Northern areas of  South Australia.

The entire Northern Track Promotions team consists of Neil,  & his partner Kathy with support from track managers/curators Geoff Redding and Keith Bichard.

Feel free to look us up at anytime, check out our website for information on Upcoming Events, News and Entry Forms.

Kupunda 2012

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